It has been my dream to be a pilot for so long, I can’t even remember a time when it was not a part of me. My father is an Instrument rated pilot who instilled a love of aviation in me from a very young age. – In fact, the very first place he took me as a baby was to Chicago O’hare airport to look at airplanes. And my first airplane ride was at six months old when we went to visit Tulsa Oklahoma for the first time. Unfortunately, for financial reasons and other pressures of life, my father has not been an active pilot since before I was born. – But nonetheless, he taught me the passion for all things aviation.

When we first moved to Tulsa as a small boy I lived in a house that bordered Harvey Young airport, a rundown relic of years long passed. They used to park airplanes in the field that was our back yard, and many of my earliest memories are of walking around the airport at dusk, looking at all of the airplanes, learning all about them. Many people pass that airport now and wonder if it is perhaps abandoned. – For me it still feels like home to walk down the dusty paths between the T-hangers. We have never been wealthy, so this has always made flying difficult. And that above all other things is what had stopped me from pursuing my dream until so much later.

Even though I have dreamed of being a pilot since I was a toddler, and I had taken many rides over the years, I did not actually take my first flight lesson until I was 25 years old. – But I have never regretted taking that lesson for a second I still cant “afford” it. But I can’t Not fly.


Flying is something that burns inside and cannot be shut off. That is what Aero360 is all about. I want people to know the fun and exhilaration that is flying.