What is your favorite airplane?

What is your favorite kind of airplane?

We all have something specific that speaks to us in any or many genres and categories.

Are you a taildragger fan? Or maybe radial engines? (Who doesn’t like a good radial?)

Maybe you like jets. Maybe you prefer cutting edge, or maybe vintage.

But whichever the case, there is one distinguishing characteristic that binds all of this together… They are all airplanes! The things that we love! They get us in the air. And that is what it’s all about.

So whatever your specific niche of passion, please don’t give up on it. Keep working toward your goals. And keep sharing those goals and that passion with others!

Flying Northeast Oklahoma

Stay with us for more posts like this. I will be posting again about some more helpful tips that will help you save money while you fly!



  1. I’m just getting into planes, but a few models have already caught my eye. For single engines I really like the Cessna 208 Caravan and the TBM 850. For twin engines the Piper Seminole looks really slick. Gotta love counter-rotating engines!

    • Very cool options! I agree on all of those being excellent models as well. And thanks for checking out the site!!


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