Calling All Tulsa Pilots to Share some Tulsa Flying!

The aviation community is a wonderful community. There are so many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of flight and to interact with like-minded people. To swap stories and examine each person’s beautiful aircraft. To enjoy some Tulsa Flying!

Tulsa Oklahoma is a great place for this, but we can do so much better! Let’s push this thing! Let’s get all the Tulsa Pilots together and everyone who has a love for aviation, whether you have any experience or not! Aviation is a wonderful thing, and it needs to be shared with everyone!

Tulsa Oklahoma is a hotbed of aviation activity! But we can do even more to get the existing pilots together, and to get the message of flying out to those who aren’t pilots yet.
What a perfect opportunity to get together in the local area and swap stories and enjoy flying together!

What do you say? Who would be interested in flying together, promoting aviation together, getting a fly-in together, or anything aviation related?

Follow and contact if any of this sound interesting!


Let’s get together and enjoy some Tulsa Flying!

For more about aviation in the Tulsa area look for other videos and articles, like this:

Love of Aviation

Stay with us for more posts like this. I will be posting again about some more helpful tips that will help you save money while you fly!



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