Why I Keep A Flight Log

Have you ever had this happen? –

You are looking back through your flight log at past flights, and realize, “I have no idea what I did on this flight…”

Oh sure, I have the ‘facts’ – the airports I flew to, the times, even a brief description of the maneuvers I performed. But I really don’t remember what all went on during that flight. And now that I am looking, I realize that I barely remember details about any of these flights!

I remember one time looking through my father’s logbook with him and looking at flights from 30+ years ago, and it was understandable not remembering details from that long ago. But it can happen fast too. Early in my flight training I remember looking back at flights from just the week before and not remembering the details!

This scared me, because to me each and every flight is important and part of the total experience. And even though we might like to remember everything, let’s face it, the tiny spot for “notes” in our logbooks is barely enough to write down anything!

That is why I started keeping a separate flight log.

I keep my logbook of course, but in addition I keep a running log where I simply jot down notes on what happened. (And I write it down soon after the flight before I forget).

And it’s a good thing I started this too, because looking back over my flight log I am surprised to see how many details I had already glossed over and it was good to remember. Sometimes it is just something as simple as “Did pattern work and landing practice. The weather was hot and gusty.” But sometimes it is multiple paragraphs long, like when I did a cross-country flight to a new airport that resulted in the return leg being entirely at night because we stopped for some delicious tacos.

It’s these details that I want to remember when I have thousands of hours under my belt. Flying is not something I take for granted. Every flight is special, and every flight is important.

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Stay with us for more posts like this. I will be posting again about some more helpful tips that will help you save money while you fly!




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